It is a celebrated Danish tradition to have an Advent calendar on TV with 24 episodes. For Christmas 2015 we wanted to create a Advent calendar for Telenor, which combined the best from the good old-fashioned world, where you use scissors and paper with the digital world Telenor represents.


We joined forces with a famous presenter from children’s TV, and created a digital Advent calendar on the Telenor campaign site. The calendar was formed around 5 main episodes where the main storytelling took place. Furthermore, we produced 22 minor videos, which supported the story and gave life to the characters. In total we produced 2 hours of digital content distributed over the 27 days from the first Sunday of Advent to Christmas Eve.


Over 34.000 hours of video content watched.
30.877 social interactions on Facebook and Instagram.
124.009 clicks to the campaign site.
1.628 pictures from children uploaded.
2.6 million video views.
2 top 10 ranks on YouTube Leaderboard 2015.