‘stay curious’ is the new global platform for momondo.
And how do we begin to spark people’s curiosity?
Well how about breaking a traditional square format and replacing it with a circle.
The films are ambitious and took the team as far as Brazil, Argentina and Morocco.
The main graphic element in the films is a circle that works as a lens.


In all momondo commercials both intro and outro will have a high degree of sender identification. The search wheel and its inner circle transforms into a lens that shows us the world of momondo. It’s a peephole into a world full of curiosity and exploration. The circle combined with the voice-over will make the commercials uniquely momondo. And it will surely stand out from the rest of the competition.


In the commercials we want to invite the audience into the world of Momondo with all the curiosity and wonder that it holds. The commercials are all made up of travel-scenarios that you can ether recognize from your own life or easily aspire to be a part of. All cultures, destinations and people are depicted with a great sense of humanism and authenticity, which means that you can easily see yourself as part of the picture.  There are no perfect people with perfect lives. But a world that is true with all its beauty.


We show all the wonders of the world – not just the typical seven. The wonders can be big or small. Personal or social. Beautiful or imperfect. It can be a cup coffee in Paris or a room that’s upside down in Tokyo. Whatever we show, the situations will be authentic and inviting so that the audience will feel welcome in every scene.The scenes will take place in a wide range of countries, cultures and travel-styles. That way we make sure to reach lots of different people with lots of different preferences. Well, everyone with a passport, really.