The Idea


When people search for a place to visit, they make a very quick judgement call based on the images they see. Google’s search results are flooded with inferior mobile photography, causing small, local businesses to suffer. Fortunately, by using Google’s new image based review platform, Local Guides, it’s possible to control the images that pop up in Google’s search results. So we inspired fans to help their local businesses with the power of their great Canon photography, simply by uploading it to Google Local Guides.

The Solution


We used social media to inspire 22,000 people to help small, local businesses look good by uploading more than 327,000 photos and reviews to Google Local Guides, making 43% of the businesses experience a sales increase. By harnessing the power of social media and using Google’s own tech we caught their attention, and in May 2017 they changed their image algorithm to recognise and prioritise great photography. And now, local business never looked so good, thanks to the power of Canon photography.