The situation.

Small business owners choose a Volkswagen to keep their wheels turning. But reliable vehicles don’t do it alone… Previous years’ economic downturn means that small business is slow. This tendency isn’t just bad for small businesses – it also affects Volkswagen. Volkswagen understands that when customers do well, Volkswagen does well.

The solution.

So instead of launching a new campaign focusing on Volkswagen’s commercial vehicles, we decided to give small businesses a helping hand…

The results.

The campaign helped put a national spotlight on both Volkswagen and their customers, the small businesses. “Lars the carpenter” received almost 10 million impressions in total, his company exposure increasing by almost 10,800 %. And 25 % of the target audience had a more positive perception of Volkswagen after being exposed to the campaign.

Inviting all small
businesses owners

We used banners and Facebook to invite business owners from all over Denmark to send us their own radio spots and slogans. The best ones were recorded and aired on national radio.

Additional promotion
for small businesses

We also boosted small local businesses by placing their homemade ads in national newspapers and publications.

The small business owner who had his campaign boosted by Volkswagen had an increasement in exposure by