Ducati Longcopy ad



This ad taps into the emotional impact a rainy day can have on a true biker

Volkswagen Worldcup ad


We wanted to celebrate Germany for winning the World Cup 2014


Nominated in Aurora Awards 2014.

Codan print ad


When making an ad for our client Codan (insurance company), we took advantage of the products relevance to the target group of our other client Carl Ras (a tradesmen company) and placed it in the Carl Ras magazine. A small case of creative media use.


Won an Aurora Award in the B-t-B category in 2011.

KiMs ad

King of peanuts

Volkswagen New Years ad


This year Volkswagen wished the Danes a happy and safe New Year. A refreshing act of goodwill without the purpose of selling cars.
“Volkswagen recommends this model for special special occasions. Enjoy tonight. Drive safe home – and good luck in the new year.”

Volkswagen Service ad


Ads that boosted small local businesses by placing their homemade ads in national newspapers and publications.
We gave a large amount of space for the local business ads – because when our customers do well, we do well.